I started with piano lessons when I was 9 while we were living in France. I didn’t care much for sheet music and so that came through in my not being prepared for the lessons, much to my instructor’s dismay, and with that piano lessons went by the wayside in short order. I preferred to play by feel. 

Over the years I continued learning on my own, finding that with just letting go and visualization, the music would flow … translating what I felt directly to composition. Interestingly, my musical pathway in terms of public performance and getting the music put there came to life while living in Boulder, Colorado in 1994. It was, to me, a very magical time …. And I met some amazing people who inspired me to take the music further. I picked up my first synth back then and began creating what could be best described as cinematic electronic compositions, created entirely in the moment. 

In 2005 I formed the label Indigo World Productions which I registered through ASCAP. During those years I also worked as a wildland firefighter, having a love for working outside and helping to protect the forests. This provided the means to acquire a new synth and more music gear for my studio. 

Fast forward to June of 2022 … I released the album COSMOS V, the first in a series of electronic space ambient albums leading up to the current release, Worlds Beyond. The music is an expression of our connection to the cosmos … embracing the infinite possibilities that exist in the vastness of the Universe.