Welcome to Indigo World Productions, an independent music label and publisher dedicated to producing electronic ambient music since 2005. The music of Indigo World Productions is in worldwide distribution on digital music streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, iHeart Radio, and other digital streaming services .

As an artist and producer under this label, David De Michele composes and produces ambient electronic music with a cinematic touch. The music is inspired through visualizations of travel through the cosmos and is created in the moment with no advance composition. It is an expression of the vastness of the Universe, an expression of there being so much more out there, inspired by the infinite possibilities that exist within the cosmos. 

Thank you for visiting Indigo World Productions. The beautiful background image was provided by John_Nature_Photos through Pixabay. 

*** Indigo World Productions was cleared and registered through ASCAP'S DART Claim Publisher Members and Affiliated Foreign Societies in 2005. ***